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Not everyone needs the resources, cost and potentially impersonal nature of a Top 50 Tax or Accountancy Practice – but you do need to know that your financial affairs are in good hands and that you are receiving the best advice; and that is where we can help. We are a small and dedicated team here at Tax Advice & Solutions and expert, personal service is what we are all about.

Your main point of contact will be Noel Flanagan ATT (Fellow). Noel has worked in tax for well over 40 years now and has experience of working ‘on both sides of the fence’, having spent his early career with the then Inland Revenue before moving on to work with two medium sized firms of accountants. There he gained vast experience in all aspects of both accounts and the many wider areas of taxation. It is this combination of experience and knowledge which he feels gives him the skills to deal with many of the problems and situations which people face day to day in their business and working lives.

Personal service is certainly what you will receive – and you will not be ‘passed on’ to some back office member to deal with your affairs.

The practice naturally has a strong tax bias although our core work also includes preparation of annual accounts for businesses of all sizes, be they Sole Traders, Partnerships or Limited Companies. Equally, we can deal with your personal tax affairs, whether this be the preparation of your annual Self Assessment Return or dealing with an HMRC Enquiry or issue which you may have become involved in. Over the years, Noel has dealt with numerous HMRC Enquiries on all aspects of personal & business tax, dealing with all levels of HMRC. No one case is ever the same, so the outcome can never be guaranteed, but what we can guarantee is that you will be professionally represented with absolute dedication to achieve a positive outcome for you where at all possible. Damage limitation is sometimes a success in itself.

You will only ever be charged for the time spent in dealing with your affairs – and not a penny more. We are extremely aware that professional time is not cheap so we aim to provide the best value service that we possibly can, as we know that people can always ‘vote with their feet’. That could be why our client retention rate is satisfyingly very high.


 JN Flanagan Tax And Advice Solutions

It has long been the Holy Grail for accountants; just how do you encourage your clients to let you have all their Tax Return information early – and not just before 31st January? Do you add a surcharge to their bill for sending it late, or maybe fine them, or offer a discount for early arrivals – or even refuse to do the work at all if it is received after a certain date? And if you were going to offer some form of discount, just how much would that be? What would it cost to change the habits of a lifetime for some clients? Who would get excited over maybe a 5% discount?.

I would have to say that this conundrum had occupied my thoughts for many a year – especially come a very welcome 1st February, with ‘Never Again’ being the phrase on everyone’s lips. There had to be an answer.

Well, it may not work for all but in 2017 I think I managed to come up with the solution that worked for me (and hopefully my clients). The situation was so desperate, there could only be one solution. I would pay with my own money to get their information early? So - Just how did that work then?

My ‘solution’ was for me to pay £20 to a charity of my choice for each and every client who provided their full Tax Return information to me before 30th September. What did the clients have to lose? They could literally ‘take me to the cleaners’ at no cost to them – and feel good into the bargain that they were helping to donate to charity and relieving themselves of that nagging feeling that they still hadn’t let me have their Tax Return paperwork. It seemed a ‘no brainer’.

Did it work? Well – in a nutshell - Yes! In the first year (2017) I ‘raised’ £1,200 and donated this to The North London Hospice who looked after my father in his last days. There was an added pleasure to this donation in that he had helped to fund raise for the hospice before it was built and it was also built on some land donated by my old school, Finchley Catholic High School. This year (2018) I manage to raise (with the great response from my wonderful clients) a significant and amazing £2,120 (to include some additional personal donations from clients – even some from ‘guilty’ clients who missed the 30th September deadline but wanted to give to the worthy cause anyway).

I was able to donate the £2,120 to Pancreatic Cancer Action, a small independent charity not far from the office. As most of you will already know, my wife Sandra has been diagnosed with having pancreatic cancer so I knew that any funds I could raise to help fight this nasty thing would be most welcome. I handed over the cheque to the founder Ali Stunt a few weeks back – see photo.

Next year, I want to do better again but the only way this will happen is if more clients respond to the challenge. It’s a Win, Win, Win all round. The charity benefits, my clients avoid last minute panics and get to know what they owe the Taxman (or vice versa) much earlier and can plan for any unexpected shocks – and finally I get to have a much less stressful January. Who knows, one year I might even get to take a holiday in January and avoid all the other ‘saddo’ accountants on holiday in February.